Monday, August 8, 2011

Moosey-Moose Goes On An Adventure


Hi Friends,

FINALLY!! The day you have all been waiting for is finally here. I have finished my book!

Here is Chapter 1.



Chapter 1

     Moosey-Moose lived in a small yellow house on the south side of town with his adopted family. That’s what he liked to call them anyway. He thought any time a boy or girl took a toy home, they adopted it. He lived with Sarah, Joey, their parents, and Sleepy Bear. Sarah was a girly girl. She was only eight years old and loved to play with dolls and all her stuffies. Moosey-Moose liked to think he was her favorite. She always shared her snacks with him and he had a big appetite for a moose. His favorite was good ol’ raisin and peanuts (GORP for short).

     Joey, on the other hand, was a rough and tumble boy and a year younger than Sarah. He was happiest when he was playing in the dirt, building entire cities out of mud. Of course, once in a while he would sneak Sarah’s stuffies outside into the backyard and make them live in his mud cities. That always made Sarah furious! Moosey-Moose liked the adventure of living in a mud city, but too much mud is not a good thing when you have moose hair. It hurt when Sarah brushed it out!

     And then there’s Sleepy Bear. He’s another stuffy like Moosey-Moose, except he’s a little bit taller and a little bit bigger around his tummy. It must be all the hot cocoa with goo-gobs of whippy cream that he and Sarah like to drink every time they read a book together. And Sleepy Bear reads a LOT of books! That’s not a bad thing, especially when he reads them out loud to Moosey-Moose. When he’s not reading a book, he’s sleeping. He never even takes off his sleeping cap! Maybe that’s why they call him Sleepy Bear.

     Moosey-Moose was adventurous for a stuffed moose. He always carried his orange and yellow backpack everywhere he went so he would be ready for his next big adventure, whatever it might be. He kept his backpack filled with his traveling essentials – GORP, Moosey Munch bars, and an extra sweater in winter and a t-shirt in summer. One day he was in his backyard checking his backpack when his best friend, Sleepy Bear, called down from an upstairs window.

     “Hey, Moosey-Moose, you have to do your chores before the movers come!” Sleepy Bear yelled.

     “I’m going on a scavenger hunt for souvenirs to remind me of our old neighborhood. I’ll do my chores when I get back,” Moosey-Moose yelled back as he slipped his backpack onto his little shoulders.

     “But the movers are coming today at three o’clock sharp.” Sleepy Bear knew Moosey-Moose was always late.

     "You worry too much, Sleepy Bear. I’ll be home in plenty of time. You just wait and see.” Moosey-Moose squeezed between the fence slats in a shady corner of the yard.

     “Moosey-Moose, we are only moving to a house on State and Capital …”

     But before Sleepy Bear could finish, Moosey-Moose was off on his next adventure!


Tell all your friends to read my blog and write back to me about how much you like it. Oh, Sleepy Bear said you can make predictions about what you think will happen next!

Stay tuned for Chapter 2!

Bye for now,