Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Moosey-Moose Answers His Mail


Hi Travel Buddies,

I want to say “Hi” to my friend Alaina. 

Alaina, I haven’t been to Disney World, but that sounds like a super cool place to go!  Do you live near Disney World? 

If you add me to your list of followers, you’ll know every time I post on my blog.  That way you can keep track of my travels! 

Oh, and don’t be afraid to go in a hot air balloon.  It’s super fun!  It’s like floating in air.

Thanks for writing to me.  I like getting fan mail.

Bye for now,


Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Moosey-Moose and Sleepy Bear Go Sledding


What a neat surprise.  My first day back home and it’s a snow day! 

Sleepy Bear agreed to go on an adventure with me!



He had no idea we were going sledding!


We’re lucky we live on a hill.






We picked up lots of speed!  Sleepy Bear was scared at first. He thought we were going too fast. See how big his eyes are?

I lost one of my snow boots.  I was bummed about that because a friend crocheted them for me.  What am I going to do for the rest of the winter?


                                          PB231627Whoa!  This was super cool!  We were going sideways.

I hoped we would go backwards!

Uh Oh! I didn’t know I couldn’t steer the sled.

The hill got steeper and we keep going faster!






We were definitely going too fast!  Guess I should have listened to Sleepy Bear when he told me to slow down.







Luckily we weren’t hurt.  Just a little cold and wet from the snow. I got snow in my ears.  Burr!


Sleepy Bear was mad at me.





I made it up to him with hot chocolate chip scones with lots of whippy cream AND hot cocoa with guess what?  Yup.  More whippy cream. 

He’s not mad at me anymore.  This was a perfect way to end an adventure in the snow.


Bye for now,


Thursday, November 18, 2010

Moosey-Moose Explores Honfleur


Hi Travel Buddies,




This is the fishing village of Honfleur.









After I walked around the village, I hiked up a super steep hill and had this cool view!

I had to hang on tight to the fence.  But I wasn’t scared.







After my hike I took a break and rode a horse! I miss Chloe and Amadeus at L’Chateau Curzay.








Surprise! This horse was on a carousel. 

But it was still fun!





I’m coming to the end of my trip in France. I hope you had as much fun reading about my adventures as I had telling you about them.

Now, where to next?  If you have an idea, send me a comment on my blog and I’ll write back to you.  Who knows, I might be in your city one day.

Bye for now,


Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Moosey-Moose Goes to Normandy, France

Hi Travel Buddies,

I'm off to Honfleur!

It's a little fishing village in Normandy.

I stayed 2 nights at a bed and breakfast. That's a house that's like a hotel and you are the guests of the people who live in the house. The hostess will serve you a yummy breakfast, too.
I had pancakes with homemade jam. The pancakes are super thin but super good! I ate lots of them. I lost count exactly how many.

After my big breakfast I helped out in the garden. They have apple trees and pear trees and pumpkins and other squashes. Fun times!
Next, I'll take a hike and go into the village to see the sites.
Bye for now,