Sunday, January 30, 2011

Moosey-Moose Visits Sleepy Bear

Hi Friends,

Today I visited my best friend, Sleepy Bear. I gave him the scones I made. I kind of got bored waiting for them to bake so I went outside to check on my bird feeders.

I got busy with the birds and forgot about the scones! The scones got a little burned.

Moosey-Moose Visits Sleepy Bear

I hope Sleepy Bear doesn’t mind too much. Maybe he won’t even notice.

I made a huge cup of hot cocoa, too, with LOTS of whippy cream. That should cheer him up and make him feel better.

Bye for now,


Friday, January 28, 2011

Moosey-Moose Bakes Scones


Hi Friends,

Today was baking day!  My first time ever.  Well, except for the time I helped Sleepy Bear bake brownies.  But that doesn’t count because this time I’m doing everything all by myself!

FlourI followed the recipe exactly.  I added flour.







Then I added oats.  Yum, yum.  Who says you have to cook them first?  Not me!




I added almonds, too. The recipe didn’t say to add them, but I saw them in the cupboard and I like almonds.  So, in they went!



Measuring Cups as Snow Shoes


I discovered that measuring cups make super cool snow shoes.  I’ll try them outside the next time it snows!



Whippy Cream!

Back to the recipe.  This is the special part.  The recipe says to add heavy whipping cream.  I know Sleepy Bear likes whippy cream, so I mixed in extra with the eggs.


Mixing Dough is Hard

I also added chocolate chips because I like chocolate chips with my raisins and peanuts.  This is the hard part, mixing the dough all together.  I had to be careful not to get bonked in the head with the mixer.


Ready for the Oven



Finally!  I put the dough into the scone pan.




Time Ticks Slowly

Now the waiting begins.  Time sure ticks slowly when you want something in a hurry.


Tomorrow, I’ll tell you how they came out.  I hope Sleepy Bear likes them.  I know he’s feeling rotten and I really want to cheer him up.

Bye for now,

Chef Moosey-Moose

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Moosey-Moose the Baker!



I just found out that Sleepy Bear is feeling under the weather! I’ve been super busy writing my book and I haven’t ventured out much.  Writing a book is hard work!

Well, I took a break today and read Sleepy Bear’s blog. That’s how I found out he’s sick!


He said he wanted a snack and whippy cream and hot cocoa. So, I found a recipe for scones and guess what?  They have whippy cream in them!

The recipe looks easy.  Besides, how hard can it be?  Just dump a bunch of ingredients into a bowl, then bake the dough.  Presto!  Scones!

Check back tomorrow and you can bake with me.

Bye for now,


Monday, January 24, 2011

Moosey-Moose Writes a Book!

Hi Friends,

How are you?  I’ve been super-duper busy.  Nope, not traveling right now, but writing! My reading and writing teacher, Kathleen, is helping me  write my own book about my adventures.  I plan to write lots of books but my first one is about a specific place in the United States.  I chose this place for very specific reasons.  I’ll tell you more after I finish the first draft.  I’m working really hard so maybe I’ll have the first draft finished this week!

But wait!  Just because I’m busy writing doesn’t mean I don’t want to travel anymore.  In fact, I’m searching for a place to go, and soon.  I don’t really care where.  It can be nearby or in another city, or another state, or another country!  It could be in the mountains or on the beach.  I haven’t decided.  If you have suggestions, let me know.

Well, back to my book. 

Your Travel Buddy,