Friday, June 17, 2011

Another Round of Revisions for Moosey-Moose

Hi Friends,

Yesterday, I worked nonstop making changes to my manuscript. Remember, that’s what a book is called before it gets published.

Another Round of Revisions


My eyes got tired because I was working all day and night reading and making changes.I borrowed Kathleen’s glasses. Now I’m a super cool author!




I have one more scene to rewrite. Then I have to read the entire book – AGAIN! Writing a book is hard work.

Kathleen said she will post some of the manuscript on her website. I’ll tell you when she does that. It’s going to be soon!

Back to work for me. Oh, wait! I almost forgot. I have to ask Sleepy Bear to feed my birds for me. I hope he says “yes” after his bad day feeding Tsavo yesterday. Wish me luck!

Bye for now,


Thursday, June 16, 2011

Moosey-Moose Is So Clever!

Hi Friends,

If you’ve been reading my blog then you know I'm writing a book about one of my adventures. It’s called, MOOSEY-MOOSE GOES ON AN ADVENTURE.

I have a deadline,too. My reading and writing teacher, Kathleen, is helping me. She said I have to have the final manuscript ready to send to agents and editors by July. OF THIS YEAR! That’s only two weeks away.

So, I am not leaving my desk, or my computer (it’s really Kathleen’s computer but she lets me use it), and I recruited Sleepy Bear to do my chores for me. One of my chores is feeding Tsavo.

Sleepy Bear Scooping Food



Tsavo is a big dog and she eats a lot of food from a big bag. Kathleen keeps it safe in the coat closet.


Sleepy Bear Spills the Scoop of Dog Food


Uh Oh! Looks like Sleepy Bear needs to exercise more and get stronger arms! Good thing he started to get Tsavo’s food this morning for her evening meal.




Back to writing for me. If you want to read the first two chapters, write to me and let me know. Kathleen said she will post them on her website.

Gotta go!