Thursday, September 3, 2009

Moosey-Moose Has Wheels!

Hey! Look at me! This is a super cool way to get around town.

It's like a bicycle car. There's only one problem. My legs are too short. Shucks, what am I going to do?



Anonymous said...

hey moosey moose that looks cool was it sincerly inecio♣♣♣♣♣♣○○○☻

Anonymous said...

hi moosey-moose wow i hadent write to you in a LONG time will i think you should ask some one to come with you and help you.
well how was your summer? my was good i went to california and say my dads mom it was nice to see her agina.

well now i am in 5th grade and i am in mr.nulls class he is a very nice teacher but i miss mrs.hunter

well got to go have school tomorrow have a nice night:)


Anonymous said...

Hi Moosey Moose how are you im fine have you read my commets yet if you dident read it yet im gonna write to you again and this time i'l write it short this time and here i go,can i call you moosey only and if you dont let me i'm understand because thats your name and im not aloud to amke you your own nick name so bye.

Anonymous said...

hi moosey moose how are you.