Thursday, January 14, 2010

Moosey-Moose Travels to Someplace Warm and Sunny

Hi Blogging Buddies!

Look at me!

I got super bored at home so I decided to hop on a jet plane and go someplace warm and sunny. I got on the plane in time for dinner. YUM YUM!!!

Guess where I'm going? I'll give you a hint. It's sunny, warm, and near the ocean.

Yeah, you're probably wondering why Sleepy Bear is traveling with me. He said he needed some sunshine, too. I told him he needed to stay home and take care of his Venus Fly Trap plant and read his book. But he said it would be OK to leave his plant at home for a few days. And he brought his book with him. So, I'll let him travel with me - this time.

Write to me and let me know where you think I'm going.

Bye for now,



Anonymous said...

Dear Moosey-Moose I hope you had a good day. We have a test today wish me luck. Any way how was your day mine was good. Moosey-Moose Im scard I wont pass the test wich me luck.

Anonymous said...

Dear Moosey Moose,

Florida or Clifornia OR ephrata.

Anonymous said...

Dear Moosey Moose,
florida,california,or san deigo.

Grace *****

Anonymous said...

Hi,Moosey-Moose Mrs.Hunter is doing dibbles testing so we have to be really quiet not super loud! So what are you doing this on this sunny day? When i get home i'm just go play my computer the online game i'm going to play is "" -_- Mrs.Hunter said I have to finish up so bye! ___________________________________

Anonymous said...

Dear Moosey-Moose,
I hope you liked the movie that you watched. With Sleepy Bear The Two Brothers I have not seen that movie but I think it was a good. Well I have to go get my nails done.

Bye from Jahmara.

Anonymous said...

Daer moosey-moose
I think you are going to mexico becuse mexico

by giselle