Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Sleepy Bears New Book Club

Hi, me again,

I forgot to tell you something.

Sleepy Bear keeps bugging me to tell you about his new book club. But wait. There's more. It's only for girls age 6-10! I guess that counts me out. He's hosting a book club with Kathleen and Sue at Mockingbird Books in Greenlake every third Wednesday of the month from 7-8pm. He says they'll have snacks, too. Hmmmm, that part sounds really cool!

Oh, one more thing. He said to bring your BABYMOUSE books to share. What's a baby mouse anyway?

Oh, read his blog on Thursdays for all the latest news about his book clubs.

OK, so now I can tell Sleepy Bear that I told you.



ps - boys, don't worry. Sleepy Bear will have another book club on his blog for you, too!


Anonymous said...

HI MOOSEY Moose how are you.Wow that sounds great only girls 6-10.


Anonymous said...

Hi Mooseymoose that is so cool that sleepybear is having a book club only for girls.oh and i know i havin't been bloging to you but thats only because i have been crocheting and kathleen have been showing the class some stiches.there so cool too she been teaching us stiches like scarf stiches.and i will be joining the 6-10 book club. ♥love zeena

Anonymous said...

dear moosey moose have you ever made a blog before? have you ever made a book club i mean because☺ i never really seen any blogs of yours maybe its because i wasin't here when you had a blog i mean book club.how many comments have read including this one because right now im writing to you. how many fancy places do you go to like oh ya do you miss ny and do you know what ny stands for it stands foy new york do you miss new york? i never been to new york how many people do you think live in new york? sincerely kareem

Anonymous said...

Hi moosey-moose.Today when we have guset teacher we do littel bad because we was taking when teacher was taling and no listenig and some people was get some catchs like me.Ioren 7 cacthes beceuse i do realy great job.Then we oren some words the word was sleep bear.Last week we oren you name for bear and i love to tell you what happen the day.
love or bye bye will seeyou anther day