Thursday, March 24, 2011

Moosey-Moose Makes Peanut Butter Covered Pine Cone Bird Feeders

Hi Friends,

Mrs. A’s class told me a cool way to make a new bird feeder.  They said to roll pine cones in peanut butter. 

I love peanut butter!  D you know why I love peanut butter?  I’ll tell you.  It’s because peanuts are in one of my most favoritest snacks.  Do you know what is one of my most favoritest snacks?  I’ll tell you that, too.  G.O.R.P.  Do you know what that means?  Guess what?  I’ll tell you!  It means good ol’ raisins and PEANUTS!

Moosey-Moose Makes Peanut Butter Pine Cone Feeders


I wasn’t to sure what to do.  So I just borrowed a jar of peanut butter from Kathleen and I collected some pine cones from the backyard.  I used a nice table cloth so I wouldn’t get peanut butter all over the deck.


These look yummy!  I almost want to eat one for myself.

But what should I do with them now? Should I leave them on the table cloth on the deck?

How will the birds know the peanut butter covered pine cones are here? How will the squirrels know the peanut butter covered pine cones are here for the birds and not for them?!

Maybe I should have asked more questions before I tried this on my own.  I hope Mrs. A’s class writes back and tells me what to do with all these peanut butter covered pine cones.

Bye for now,


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