Saturday, March 5, 2011

Moosey-Moose Wins An Oscar!

Hi Travel Buddies,

Moosey-Moose Wins An Oscar


Today was one of my most exciting days ever!  I won an Oscar for Best Moose!




I knew I had a lot of fans, but I never knew I had this many.

I want to thank my reading and writing teacher, Kathleen, for giving me encouragement to always do my best and follow my dreams.  I want to thank my best friend, Sleepy Bear, for giving me confidence to read and write.  Last but not least, I want to thank all my fans for reading my blog.  You will be the first to know when my book is published!

OK, enough about me.  My next stop is Bru’s Wiffles.  What’s a wiffle?  Well, check back tomorrow and I’ll tell you.

Bye for now,


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Anonymous said...

Dear Moosey-Moose
Well I never been on this blog in a long, long, long time.I was in Mrs.Hunters class. I was woundering if you could tell Mrs.Hunter that i miss her in the school.Plus i hope her mom is felling better.She was the best teacher ever she tot me how to multply and stuff.
So could you tell her that.Thanks,so any way I found out that you were on some now adventurs. Hope you had fun.Sorry have to go get some more books

Bye Jahmara(PS please tell her now bye)