Sunday, October 23, 2011

Moosey-Moose and His Bird Studies


Hi Friends,




I’m studying bird feeders and bird habits and habitats.






I think I need to wait until next spring for my bird friends to come back and visit me. They like to fly south for the cold winter months.




I’m taking lots and lots of notes. I want to have my bird feeders hanging outside and filled with all their favorite bird seeds when they return.






I plan to spend my winter months indoors building more bird houses. I like building bird houses. I made one and painted it red, white and blue. What colors should I use next?

But, before I start building bird houses, I need to refill my backpack with my traveling supplies. I’m going on an adventure in two days!

Check back to find out where I’m going. I’ll give you a hint. Someone very important lives in the city I’m going to.

Bye for now,


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